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ORU_code is a web development agency with a fast international growth composed by Venezuelan talent. We create web pages and apps with a thorough and crafted process.

We are humans. Therefore, we approach our customers and their needs. Beyond just designing and developing web systems, we solve problems in the most suitable and efficient way.

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We stand out by our Handcrafted. products. Any of the services that we offer you, even the basic ones, enjoy a customized and unique design just for you. Nobody else in the whole world will be the same. Besides, we respect the trends in modern design and the needs in today’s market.

Effective web presence - Web Sites

Our crafted process consists of creating everything in a thorough way and from scratch. Starting by design and achieving programming, each action responds to a careful decision: the use of colors, the correct picture, the best and most optimal coding line.

We don’t believe there exists a unique recipe to create web pages. Your site will be exclusive, original, functional, efficient and attractive. We say this with all our confidence. We have the knowledge, experience and necessary tools.

* Client: SPAMEX. Country: Spain / Mexico. Website: https://spamex.es
"Los Programas SPAMEX son una iniciativa del Instituto Iberoamericano de Movilidad Internacional junto a instituciones del Gobierno de México que buscan el desarrollo formativo de la juventud mexicana a través de sus programas de movilidad."

Other Clients

Vivir en mi Ciudad - vivirenmiciudad.com

* Client: Vivir en Mi Ciudad. Country: Spain. Website: http://vivirenmiciudad.com

Vivir en Parla - vivirenparla.com

* Client: Vivir en Parla. Country: Spain. Website: http://vivirenparla.com

Vivir en Pinto - vivirenpinto.com

* Client: Vivir en Pinto. Country: Spain. Website: http://vivirenpinto.com

Vivir en La Sagra - vivirenlasagra.com

* Client: Vivir en La Sagra. Country: Spain. Website: http://vivirenlasagra.com

Vivir en Valdemoro - vivirenvaldemoro.com

* Client: Vivir en Valdemoro. Country: Spain. Website: http://vivirenvaldemoro.com
En prelanzamiento.

Vivir en Fuenlabrada - vivirenfuenlabrada.com

* Client: Vivir en Fuenlabrada. Country: Spain. Website: http://vivirenfuenlabrada.com
En prelanzamiento.

Love Marketing Madrid - lovemarketingmadrid.com

* Client: Love Marketing Madrid. Country: Spain. Website: http://lovemarketingmadrid.com

Mascotes Costa Brava

* Client: Mascotes Costa Brava. Country: Spain. Website: En Desarrollo.
* Imágenes y contenido de demostración, no definitivo.

RGRart - rgrart.com

* Client: RGRart. Country: Venezuela - USA. Website: http://rgrart.com

Nuestra Señora del Socorro - virgendelsocorro.org

* Client: Arquidiócesis de Valencia. Country: Venezuela. Website: http://virgendelsocorro.org

Centro de Discectomía Percutánea - daher.com.ve

* Client: Centro de Discectomía Percutánea. Dr. Salim Daher. Country: Venezuela. Website: http://daher.com.ve

Rodilla Laser - rodillalaser.com

* Client: Rodilla Laser. Dr. Alain Daher. Country: Venezuela. Website: http://rodillalaser.com

Mago Jey Rossel - magojey.com

* Client: Mago Jey Rossel. Country: Venezuela. Website: http://magojey.com

Caimsep - caimsep.com.ec

* Client: Caimsep. Country: Ecuador. Website: http://caimsep.com.ec

A good webpage becomes a very useful tool to attract, convert and encourage customer loyalty. All of that turns into bigger and better sales.

Do you need something more? - Web Apps

One way or another web pages are apps on themselves; however, when we refer to web apps specifically, we talk about using web technology in order to create complex solutions to complex or particular problems. For instance:

  • A module for your web site that works as a shopping cart.
  • A social intranet for your company.
  • A private online app to coordinate the tasks your children carry along.
  • Whatever comes to your mind; your creativity is the limit.

Web Apps developed by us:

For all those problems, conveniences and desires, we can apply web development and give you the prefect tool. We can do anything you want.

If it’s different from the usual, doesn’t seem to have an easy solution and needs to be on the net, then it is a web app and you can trust us.

SEO on_code - Search Engine Optimization

The final component for effective web presence is web positioning. It deals with the positions web pages receive on the web search engines. Let’s suppose that somebody searches the word “rice” on Google. Who decides the order of the results? None other than web positioning.

* Referencial image - Screenshoot from google.com.

You might already have a web page, but it’s hard to be found with web search engines. You should take into account that not everyone will remember your domain (example.com), and people who don’t know your business yet need to find you through the things that relate to you, not through your name, so far unknown.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO - consists of adding certain elements, functions or corrections to existing web pages in order to improve their visibility (position) on the search engines lists (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

It’s a myth that the SEO work can be achieved in a couple of weeks; the truth is that it is a hard and constant job and not only involves the programmer, but also the website owner.

Our product SEO on_code goes a little further. Besides organizing or enhancing the existing code, we additionally improve its functionality, reduce loading times and add MicroData, that way you’ll have a wonderful website: visually attractive for users and with a beautiful code for the search engines.

SEO on_code applied by us:

  • http://vivirenparla.com: microdata application in the companies, news and promotions. Results can be observed in Google and the rankings that are shown in the news and businesses.

Structured data, or MicroData, are tools that allow search engines to a understand each of the elements that appear on your web page better. When you talk about your company in any website, people can interpret what you say very well. Nevertheless, search engines will only see letters. MicroData give the search engine an explanation of what each of these letters mean. (example: itemprop="name" to refer to a person’s name). Schema.org - http://www.schema.org is an organization oriented to spread the use of MicroData all over the web.

Write to us We can work for you and solve your needs

Thanks for writing to us

We will make contact soon with you